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Jul. 18th, 2011


Nikki Vol. 0002 Durian feast

While certain part of the world is experiencing Summer, here in Malaysia we are experiencing Durian season ^_^ 

Have you tried Durian before? 

It is very delicious! When the season comes, I always look forward to eat it like a feast! 

Like it so much. But one thing about Durian, it heats up ones body! 

Now I am so hot!! Need to drink plenty of water to wash the heat away.

I wonder if Tomo have ever try Durian, the king of fruits? 

Can he stand the smell? Can he even chew and swallow the fruit?

Jul. 17th, 2011


Nikki Vol. 0001 Do the right thing, not do things right.

 I just reached home from visiting Grandma over the weekend. Seeing how she was so happy that we went back makes my heart feels good too even though I have to forgo all activities I have planned. It was much worth to spend your weekend with your family.

I wonder if Tomo visits his Oba-chan lately? Sometimes we have to ponder things like this so we will not regret in the future and makes us to do the right things and not to do things right.

Ok sorry for this randomness. Its as if I'm writing nikki to you Lol. But in a way, blame Tomo for this. Haha. He makes me think and mature me. I thanked him for that.

Sweet dream Tomo Love!

May. 30th, 2011


(no subject)

to hope_rei, aishitsuzukeru & j_chick_1.

Apr. 5th, 2011


Tomohisa Yamashita - Supergood, Superbad Asia Tour 2011 (Bangkok)

I'm Going to Bangkok!

To watch my Tomo Love performing of course~! xD

April 23rd & 24th

By flight? Now everyone can fly with AirAsia ^^

With who?
With Pari Sama, Hirda Khalid and Saly Saufi! Which none of them I have ever met in person!
And thats what so wonderful about loving this young talented gorgeous humbly boy! <3
Not forgetting my ever dearest lovely bestfriend AainaaBaainaa who will just accompany me to Bangkok even though she is not attending the concert.
Not forgetting also Hirda Khalid's friend and Saly Saufi friend who apparently will be friends later! LOL xD
And again I'd like to state here, this is all happening because of who?
None other than our dearest beloved Tomohisa Yamashita!

We'll be arriving Bangkok (BKK) on Saturday morning.
Check in would be around 2pm.
So Aainaa & I were thinking of having a little Bangkok tour before check in.
(Only that we are not familiar with the places and we don't know where shall we start?
-Appreciate any of you who read this to pump in some suggestion)
After the little tour, we'll check in and I'll get myself ready for the Concert!
I hope to be at Muang Thong Thani earlier so that I can mingle around with the other fans.
And I did voice up my suggestion to have a little fan-base meet up before the concert.
This I hope to gather all fans connected though A-chan's YT fanpage.


I suggested that everyone of us from A-chan's YT fanpage to hold a RED balloon.
This is just as a symbol and easy for others to acknowledge you.

The Red Balloon

Plus, if it is not troublesome, please bring a paper with YOUR NAME & COUNTRY printed on it.
Just as simple as this:

Your Name Placard

And with the combination of those, we'll have a very beautiful group photo!

Well, thats basically what my idea is. I don't know what others might think.


While I am enjoying the concert, I hope Aainaa will have a good time with Saly's friend, who apparently will not attend the concert as well ^^

<to be continued>

Apr. 4th, 2011


Countdown to SGSB Bangkok 2011

19 days to go for my little trip to watch my dear Tomo Love at Supergood, Superbad Asia Tour 2011 in Bangkok.

Just would like to share the feeling I feel for being able to cater myself to attend Tomo's concert..

I never thought that I would actually will be going for any of his or NEWS concerts. And for JE to announced his first solo concert outside of Japan had excites me and I feel thankful for the idea he had.
A one step closer to more successful future for Tomo-kun. I'll always pray for his success and his health. 

In fact, I'd like to sincerely thanks my dear Pari Sama whom I have just 'met' and know through Facebook. She has been a lot of help for me in buying the Bangkok concert ticket before the ticket were officially released and open to public for purchase. 

If it was not because of our love to our dear Tomo-kun, I don't know if she would help me to buy the tickets. She must have feel reluctant to purchase for someone she has just met on the Net! I would feel reluctant and insecure too, because there are possibilities that I might not attend! But FAITH! Her faith in me is what will lead me to watch Tomo's concert and I am going to rock Bangkok with this super sexy luring lady! You rock my world Pari Sama!!

Mar. 19th, 2011


SS3 (Malaysia)

Truely, I was not a fan of Super Junior. But I don't deny that I listened to their songs.

Months and weeks back, a friend who is one of the crazy ELF asked if I'd like to purchase a ticket for the concert as she was going to join the LONG queue in Sungei Wang to get her tickets. But, I don't have any slightest interest  to attend. Apparently, on the same evening after my friend had purchased the tickets, I was told that my brother was scheduled to fly to Japan on the same date. So even more reason for not going to the concert.

Later, March 11, the whole world was shocked of the breaking news of Earthquake and Tsunami attack in Japan. Due to the event, my brother's flight to Japan was rescheduled. He was quite disappointed because he had been preparing himself, packed up the bag, buy things he needed, studied 2 and a half year just to board the plane and further his studies. But then again, the situation was quite worrying. So I myself would delay him from going too. 

Subsequently, his flight is rescheduled means I can fill up my Saturday night to actually attend the concert! haha O_O And the night before [319] I have been looking for good seat and good price all over RITS Facebook page. And for me to go means I need a GOOD seat! Haha.. The price is rather expensive for me but I am in the opinion of it is much worthy to spend it for a good seat rather than getting the upper tier and with the high price. 

To the minute when my friends were already right in front of my door, I have yet to get my ticket! Lucky that I managed to get the phone number of a girl who was selling off tickets and even though she couldn't give me lower price, but the seat is good too! Very near to the corner stage. And their FanService is A++++++!! Hahaha.. Honestly I do enjoyed it eventhough it didn't really pulled me into the hardcore fandom. Maybe because this time the songs were more to the solos rather than group songs. At least that was what I expected for. In fact, there was one song I can't remember who was singing, but it absolutely brings me to sleep! The melody is a lullaby! XD

Nevertheless, if 5th album were to introduces more group songs, I might attend SS4 in the future!  

Mar. 1st, 2011


Crazee Japan Trip Plan

MATTA Fair is back and Malaysia Airlines is having their promotions again!!!

Today I received a Crazeeeee Idea from Hirda Khalid! and spontaneously invited me to visit JAPAN!!
A return flight ticket will only cost you MYR1860 nett! Inclusive of tax..
It is super CHEAP!! I mean, for an MAS flight, that IS CHEAP!!!
Oh God, that is so tempting and I would just LOVE to click on the button 'Proceed with this fare' !!!

And I was contemplating whether I should do it or not. I do have the thrill to just click the button! But, I already have many travelling plans this year and I'm afraid if I can't afford the EXPENSES in Japan. 
What can you expect? Tokyo is the most expensive city to live in. It's going to be bloooooody EXPENSIVE.

But, Hirda did came out with her budget already and found out a budget hostel in which I think is quite affordable.
For a backpacker. Check this out. www.khaosan-tokyo.com/en/original/ 
Oh this is going to be super amazing if this plan were to become reality! 

Dec. 28th, 2010


Getting my Supergood, Superbad LE version!

Yeay, thanks to YesAsia.com for allowing me to change my order!!
I've made my order for Tomo-kun's first solo album Normal Edition.. (before the album cover preview was out)

But I SUPERBAD-ly wants the LE version (he is super hot on the cover ok!). And YesAsia is allowing me to do so!!

Thank you so much.. Excitedly waiting for the release date and i'll get my copy soon! Yatta!!

p/s: sorry i cant afford to get both! i wish i would >,< 

Supergood, Superbad

Ohāyo gozaimasu mina-san..

I know many of you were aware of this, but still i want to post it here.
Specially those of you who apparently just board the ship in becoming Yamashita-san no fans :)
Yamashita-san will be releasing his first solo Album. 

LE version
This is the cover for the LE version. 
p/s: look at his smoooochy kissable lips! absolutely tempting *droooling*

Title : Supergood, Superbad
Date of release : 26 of January 2011

Check this out..

Before the album cover preview was released, I've placed my pre-order for the RE version.
But now, after THAT PICTURE above was released.. he made me SUPERBAD-ly wants that version!!
Oh no, there goes all my okane..or anyone kindly enough to get me the LE version?? Anyone?? haha..

Below is the cover for RE version.

RE version cover

Dec. 24th, 2010


Yamashita Tomohisa Asian Tour 2011 !!!

Good news to all his fans around the world!!!

For having scheduled to hold number of concerts outside of Japan is really a one-step ahead into venturing to the international market!

Even though Malaysia is not one of the stop, but I am still happy for Tomohisa kun because I believe, he himself would want to perform in each of the countries that exist! I mean, his fans are all over the world!

Who doesn't love him? Dare? >.<

Oh, I am also super excited to say that I might be attending his Bangkok show this April 23rd, 2011..

Even though I have yet to get my parents permission to fly out of the country by myself, but who cares.. I still need to secure my ticket!

And if say that I didn't manage to attend..(thats sad though) I am still happy that I purchased and contributed to the success of his upcoming concerts!

For those who are interested to attend and purchase his Bangkok concert, here's the link..


The prices aren't that expensive either, They are rather..affordable.. >.<
Starts at 1500 bhat, 2500 bhat, 3500 bhat and ends at 4500 bhat..

Oh and the seatings are as the link here..


Wish you all the best Yamashita Tomohisa!! Have a good year and your concert will absolutely be our best memory in life.. And I believe you will never fail to entertain us and make us proud for idolizing you whole-heartedly..

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